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Kathy is a registered dietitian with 35 years of experience. For most of her career she worked at the Health Sciences Centre in the areas of Rehab, Medicine and Orthopaedics. She has extensive knowledge in the nutritional care of people with spinal cord injuries. Since her retirement from the hospital, she has been working in private practice, specializing in low carb for the treatment of metabolic syndrome.

Kathy became interested in low carb after chancing upon a radio program featuring a physician who was an expert in low carb nutrition and intermittent fasting. She began to delve further into the science behind it. She learned how it improved metabolic health, mental health and could counteract a vast number of other diseases.

Although low carb was against everything she had learned as a dietitian, Kathy decided to change her way of eating and began a low carb, healthy fat (LCHF) diet over 4 years ago. At the time she was experiencing chronic joint and low back pain, and her mom had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Since making this change to her diet, her pain has significantly improved and she continues with this lifestyle to minimize her risk of chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease.

Kathy is passionate about low carb nutrition and would like to help you experience the many benefits it has to offer. She has completed her certification in LCHF for Dietitians. Kathy is also certified in LCHF for health promotion and medical nutrition therapy. Kathy is a member of the College of Dietitians of Manitoba and Dietitians of Canada.

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